Western food delivery in Sapporo

Savor the best Western dishes in Sapporo

Ordering Western food delivery in Sapporo can mean many things. American food tends to be the standard, followed by the ever-popular French cuisine. However, Sapporo offers a variety of European restaurants that showcase different western cuisines. Swiss, Belgian, German, Spanish; the list goes on. Which country's food you should order depends on your craving. Of course, American and French restaurants offer amazing food that you should definitely try. But, always remember the options available when ordering Western food in Sapporo.

Hearty Breakfast with Western Food Delivery in Sapporo

For foreigners visiting Japan, one of the biggest food cravings is breakfast food. Japanese breakfast is healthy and delicious, a perfect light start to the day. But sometimes a thick pancake or pile of eggs and meat hits the spot. Sapporo restaurants definitely fulfill the pancake craving. The thick, fluffy pancakes stacked high served with a side of syrup and powdered sugar almost feels more like dessert than breakfast. More restaurants continue to offer breakfast sandwich options. Two slices of thick toast, or a toasted fluffy bun, complete with a fried egg, cheese, and meat. Add a cup of coffee and the day can begin.

Unique European Western Cuisine

Given the prominence of dairy in the region, the large number of Northern and Central European restaurants in Sapporo is unsurprising. For dessert, you can find pastries from Bosnia or churros from Spain. Even Belgian pubs do wonderful business in the city. But, the real star of European cuisine in Sapporo is Switzerland. Fondue is a Swiss eating style that involves dipping bread and other ingredients into hot, melted cheese. The fondue cheese is creamy and light, a perfect pairing ingredient. Restaurants serving fondue in Sapporo benefit from being in Japan's top cheese producing prefecture. But if that much cheese is too much to handle, there's always western steak.

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