Western food delivery in Kiobe

Enjoy the Western cuisine near you in Kobe

Western food delivery in Kobe represents several European cuisines. Kobe opened up to foreign influence earlier than most of Japan and embedded these new cultures in the culinary landscape. The long-time presence of Eastern European bakeries eventually made Kobe one of Japan's top bread cities. Now, Kobe's first-class cakes and pastries win international awards. The Western food in Kobe ranges from fancy to casual and always satisfies a craving.

European-Inspired Western Food Delivery in Kobe

After Yokohama's devastating 1923 earthquake, a wave of German expatriates relocated to Kobe. As a result, most of Kobe's western food comes from German cuisine. But one of the most famous western dishes is a simple Roast Beef Sandwich. Thick slices of juicy roast beef rest between two slices of German-style rye bread. A hefty pile of crisp lettuce and raw onion adds crunch and a zesty kick. A rich demi-glace sauce boosts the roast beef's richness, elevating the sandwich to the level of haute-cuisine. The final touch of classic mustard and creamy mayonnaise finishes the dish.

Light, Creamy Pasta

Japan's no stranger to noodle dishes. The main component of ramen and soba, Japanese noodles comprise an important part of the country's cuisine. Similarly, pasta fills the same role in Italian cuisine. Italy's pasta culture influenced neighboring countries, spreading across Europe to create thousands of dishes using a common ingredient. In Kobe, why not try Grilled Chicken and Linguine? The Awaji chicken breast provides a juicy, savory companion to the creamy, complex linguine. Sharp notes of lemon and parsley cut the usually heavy cream, grounded in the mushroom's earthy quality. This results in a light and bright flavor, perfect for lunch, dinner, or any time the carb craving hits.

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