Western food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Western restaurants in Fukuoka

Shake things up with Western food delivery in Fukuoka. You can easily find most western classics anywhere in Japan. But in Fukuoka, for every artisan pizza shop, there's an equally delicious Romanian bakery or German pub. Western food in Fukuoka means access to new or familiar cooking from around the world.

Comforting Western Food Delivery in Fukuoka

On a cold winter night, nothing beats a warm bowl of soup. While Fukuoka offers up its unique ramen to answer the cold, French cuisine has its own weapon: French onion soup. Recipes for the soup vary from restaurant to restaurant, but essentials always stay the same. The sliced onions must slowly caramelize to achieve a tender, almost silky texture. Chefs deglaze the pan with red cooking wine, making a sweet onion gravy to thicken the soup. An umami-laden meat stock forms the soup base. Finally, a thick piece of bread covers the soup, sealing in the heat and rich flavor.

American-Style Brunch Favorites

The brunch trend gave new life to once forgotten western breakfast staples. Restaurants in Fukuoka embraced the cuisine and some even offer brunch hours on weekends. Why not try one of the classic American brunch foods available in Fukuoka: Eggs Benedict. The New York City original begins with two halves of a toasted English muffin. Smokey sweet Canadian bacon sits sandwiched between the muffin and two cloud-like poached eggs. The signature hollandaise sauce adds a rich buttery flavor with a citrus kick. Its creamy decadence contrasts with the lighter Japanese breakfast. But with just one bite, you'll feel like a classic movie socialite about to shop on 5th Avenue.

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