Vietnamese food delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the best Vietnamese restaurants in Sapporo

Vietnamese food delivery in Sapporo is more than pho. Of course, pho is delicious and widely available. Since Vietnamese cuisine became a Japanese foodie trend in the 1990s, pho and banh mi spread all over the country. Most Vietnamese restaurants in Japan serve Thai food or other Southeast Asian cuisines. However, even as Vietnamese food's popularity fluctuates, more traditional dishes continue to enter big cities. The food paradise of Sapporo is no different. Whether it's fried seafood or fresh finger foods, Vietnamese food in Sapporo delivers delicate delicious flavor.

Fresh, Flavorful Vietnamese Food Delivery in Sapporo

Fresh herbs, mushrooms, and more healthy ingredients make Vietnamese food a guilt-free indulgence. But, sometimes fried food cravings take control. Luckily, fried food in Vietnamese cuisine is only lightly fried, retaining the dish's nutrients. Banh xeo is a perfect example. The savory pancake batter envelops shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and egg. After a light fry, the pancake is wrapped in rice paper and lettuce. The fish dipping sauce added before each bite completes the umami flavor profile. Vegetables may be low on the Banh xeo priority list, but it's a wonderful main protein dish.

Perfect Vietnamese Pub Dishes

Along with fusion restaurants, Vietnamese food often pops up on izakaya menus. The many finger food-sized side dishes make an excellent addition to a night of endless drinking. For lighter Sapporo beers, Vietnamese spring rolls offer a light, sharp counter. The fresh taste of shrimp balances with the sharp cilantro and cool mint. Dipped in fish sauce, it's a healthy alternative to other pub standards. Dark beers pair well with Banh Cuon. A thin sheet of rice paper wraps around ground pork, mushrooms, and scallions for a bold umami flavor. Often seen in Dim Sum as well, this dish makes a perfect side for a fusion buffet.

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