Vietnamese food delivery in Kobe

Enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine near you in Kobe

When considering Vietnamese food delivery in Kobe, you can go beyond the basics. Every delicious pho shop sells a variety of unique side dishes and Japanese-inspired set meals. You can get creative at home, adding kimchi to a tasty Banh Mi for a Vietnamese and Korean fusion dinner. Kobe's ports and heavy trade also make it a wonderful city for fresh, international ingredients. So every dish includes authentic Vietnamese herbs, like lemony ngò ôm and minty kinh giới. Here are some tips for when you want to keep it simple or spice it up.

Steamed, Healthy Vietnamese Food Delivery in Kobe

Most izakaya in Japan sells Vietnamese spring rolls. Called Banh Xeo, these fried finger foods taste great with beer or simply as a snack. However, there's an equally delicious yet slightly healthier version found in Kobe: Banh Cuon. These spring rolls taste light and fresh, yet still packs a punch of rich umami from the pork and mushroom filling. The paper-thin rice sheet serves as a delicate base for the filling, steamed to retain its nutrients. Paired with nuoc cham sauce and fresh vegetables, Banh Cuon goes from a light appetizer to a filling, healthy meal.

Taste of Hanoi

Vietnamese food in Kobe represents several unique regions of Vietnam. One of Hanoi's most comforting trademark dishes is Bun Cha. Translated, Bun Cha simply means fatty pork and rice vermicelli noodles. However, the meal is so much more. Juicy, tender pork meatballs, seasoned with scallions and fish sauce, caramelized in a savory broth. A bed of fresh herbs, including basil and mint, rests between the meat and noodles. Pickled green papaya adds an astringent, sour kick, rounding out the complex flavor profile found in Vietnamese cooking. Finished with a squeeze of lime, Bun Cha brings authentic Hanoi flavor to Kobe streets.

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