Vietnamese food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Vietnamese restaurants in Fukuoka

Any night is a perfect night for Vietnamese food delivery in Fukuoka. The city already hosts amazing Southeast Asian cuisine, as seen with the delicious Laotian-inspired Thai food. Fukuoka's diverse culinary scene expands almost daily to represent cultures through new dishes. That means plenty of opportunities to explore new types of Vietnamese delicacies.

Savory Snack Food for Lunch and Dinner

When ordering Vietnamese food for dinner, Pho usually comes to mind. For lunch, just sub out Pho for Banh Mi. But after a month-long festival, the Vietnamese food in Fukuoka became much more diverse. A local festival favorite is Banh Beo Bi. Several glutinous rice pancakes form a fern-like shape, giving the snack its name. Crumbled dried shrimp and shredded pork skin give the pancakes a salty-savory flavor. Fried shallots and fresh scallions round out the palate while providing a crunchy texture. The refreshing, savory dish used to be seen as just a snack, but its addictive flavor earned it a spot on dinner menus around the world.

Sticky, Sweet Vietnamese Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Some meals just deserve a sweet treat afterward. A great Vietnamese treat found in Fukuoka is Banh Troi: floating rice cake. "Floating" comes from the boiling portion of the cooking process while the rest of the name comes from the delicious cakes. The sticky rice cakes are rolled into individual balls. A cube of dark palm sugar inside each melts while they boil, giving the cakes a honey-like sweetness. The simple sesame seed garnish adds a nutty, crunchy texture to contrast with the cake's chewy goodness. Similar varieties of the dish feature a ginger syrup sauce or mung bean filling instead of sugar. But either variety will always be sticky, sweet, and delicious.

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