Vegetarian food in Sapporo

Enjoy the tastiest Vegetarian dishes near you in Sapporo

Luckily for non-meat eaters, it's easy to find vegetarian food delivery in Sapporo. Most food in Japan seems vegetarian, but fish and other meat stocks creep into the dish. Thankfully, restaurants serving vegetarian food in Sapporo clearly list the ingredients they use. That makes it easy to find gluten-free and dairy-free items as well. Sapporo's culinary landscape welcomes vegetarians and vegans to stop by on their gastronomic adventure.

Meatless Updates for Japanese Classics

Most vegetarian substitutions in western cuisine involve tofu or imitation meat. In Sapporo, these substitutions involve much more nutritious ingredients. Vegetables from the neighboring farms bring new flavors to classic dishes, making them friendly to vegetarians. A croquette is a Japanese standard involving panko-crusted meat and potatoes fried in oil to form a hot, crispy entree. The vegetarian solution: Pumpkin (kabocha) croquettes. Using local kabocha as the base, these croquettes take on a slightly sweeter flavor. The soft texture of the kabocha contrasts nicely with the crisp outer shell. Another favorite, gyoza dumplings, features a pork base that can be easily swapped out for hearty mushrooms and keep all the classic savory flavor.

Vegetarian Food Delivery in Sapporo: Vegan Sweets and Snacks

The most important part of any meal comes at the end: dessert. For vegetarians, dessert rarely poses a problem. However, for vegans, Sapporo's dairy wonderland may prove challenging. Skilled chefs have crafted some clever alternatives to dairy-filled classics sure to ease any vegan's worries in Sapporo. Vegan parfait made with brown rice bran, soy yogurt, and tofu cream mimics all the layers in an Instagram-worthy parfait. Topped with fresh fruit and sweet potato, it also tastes just as complex and delicious. The Hokkaido classic cheesecake can be made with a tofu cheese base. The texture may vary from the original, but sweetened with maple syrup, vanilla, and lemon may elevate the flavor beyond its model.

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