Vegetarian food delivery in Osaka

Plenty of vegetarian dishes in Osaka to choose

The options are endless for delicious vegetarian food delivery in Osaka. As time goes on, more restaurants in Japan are jumping on the meat-free craze. Whether you crave an authentically vegan meal or a favorite with veggie substitutions, you'll find your perfect meal. Vegetarian food in Osaka ranges from Buddhism-inspired tofu and steamed veggies to salads and plant-based plates in western cafes.

Raw, Organic Vegetarian Food Delivery in Osaka

Vegetarian cuisine often goes hand in hand with vegan food. While both diets avoid meat and animal products, vegan food includes more plant-based and raw ingredients. The raw food movement has gained recent popularity in Japan as part of a healthy diet. Cafes specializing in raw foods offer delicious vegetarian-friendly salads and buddha bowls. Try ordering a buddha bowl packed with balanced raw ingredients. Healthy fats and creamy sweetness come from avocados while zinc-packed sliced mushrooms offer bold umami flavors. Lightly prepared foods, like kombu seaweed and tofu, round out the filling and delicious organic meal.

Vegetarian Across Cuisines

The Kansai region is a wonderful place in Japan to be a vegetarian. Regionally produced tofu features heavily in the popular local meat-free Buddhist cuisine. However, as a food capital, Osaka offers more international options for vegetarian eats. Delicious and complex flavored Southern Indian cuisine contains veggie-packed biryani. Paired with a large order of onion dosa and you'll have enough food and flavor to last the week. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly falafel can be eaten in a wrap, salad, and a la carte form. The crispy, fluffy chickpea patties pair perfectly with hummus or garlic sauce for a tasty Middle Eastern meal.

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