Vegetarian food delivery in Kobe

Savor the vegetarian dishes near you in Kobe

While on the surface it may seem impossible, there are tons of options for vegetarian food delivery in Kobe. Cuisines from all over the world find a home in Kobe, and many include tasty vegetarian options. For vegans, restaurants specializing in plant-based food produce dishes that even the most die-hard carnivore will love. Here are some delicious food options every vegetarian in Kobe should try.

Chocolatey, Sweet Vegetarian Food Delivery in Kobe

Whether as breakfast or dessert, baked goods brighten the day. As a city known for its renowned patisseries, Kobe delivers when it comes to sweet treats. Vegans can enjoy Kobe's bakeries with high-quality snacks. Even non-vegans enjoy a chocolate waffle with a crispy outside and incredible fluff, achieved without egg. For more plant-based chocolate goodness, what could be better than a slice of chocolate cake? Chocolatey, moist sponge sandwiches with vegan whipped cream. The fresh strawberry slices tucked in the cream make it the perfect sweet indulgence.

Vegan Cafe Standards

Most vegetarian food in Kobe comes from specialty western-style cafes. These cafes offer meatless staples, like salads and smoothies, rarely found in Japan. Most of the cafes also cater to vegans and people with gluten allergies. One delicious brunch classic anyone should try in Kobe is a Vegan Tomato Quiche. Instead of eggs, the quiche uses okara, or soy pulp, to recreate the signature fluffy texture. Spinach adds a robust body while hearty roasted tomato rounds out the dish with an acidic sweetness. There are two important things to note about this quiche. First, the crust is made with rice flour instead of wheat flour, making it gluten-free. Second, it is absolutely delicious.

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