Vegetarian food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Fukuoka

The vegetarian food delivery in Fukuoka offers many options for non-meat eaters visiting the city. Fukuoka's collection of international cuisines means vegetarians have access to foods from across cultures. Luckily, the city's most famous culinary scenes often offer extensive meatless options. Here are some suggestions for the best vegetarian food in Fukuoka.

Vegan Options in the Burger City

Fukuoka boasts an impressive gourmet burger scene. Luckily for vegetarians, the burger artistry extends to non-meat variations of the classics. Diners can choose from burgers using traditional tofu and black bean patties. Spicy salsa and avocado burgers receive rave reviews, but you also can't go wrong with a classic Vegan Hamburger. A seasoned, texture soy patty mimics the texture of a medium-rare beef patty. Sandwich-style dill pickles provide a tangy acidity that lets the burger seasoning shine through. Classic lettuce, tomato, and onion top the patty along with a vegan mayo to pull the burger together. Served with wedge fries, it's a perfect plant-based addition to the classic burger lineup in Fukuoka.

Buddhist-Inspired Vegetarian Food Delivery in Fukuoka

While some dishes use fish to season even seemingly meat-free dishes, traditional Japanese cooking offers many vegetarian options. Meat scarcity and Buddhist influence meant most meals centered on seasonal crops, and Shojin Ryori takes this one step farther. As part of Buddhist practice, these meals are completely meat-free and balance spiritual and nutritional needs. To experience this balance, try Kenchin-jiru. The nutritional vegetable soup uses a kombu seaweed stock to simmer vegetables representing the five main colors and flavors. This usually includes cabbage, carrot, and mushrooms with a seasonal root vegetable. The flexibility within the recipe means chefs can choose the freshest local vegetables around Fukuoka.

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