Turkish food delivery in Sapporo

Craving for Turkish dishes in Sapporo?

Turkish food delivery in Sapporo is the perfect reward after a long week. Like French cuisine, chefs recognize Turkish food as one of the greatest, unique culinary fields. However, unlike French food, Turkish food is equally as rare as Hungarian and Mexican food in Japan. However, once you find authentic, delicious Turkish food in Sapporo, you'll clamor to bring it to every street corner.

Turkish Food Delivery in Sapporo: Juicy, Spicy Kebabs

Anyone visiting Sapporo knows about the headlining food attractions. A main ingredient in one of those attractions, jingisukan, also features heavily in Turkish cuisine: lamb. Spiced lamb kebab is one of the staples when judging the quality of a Turkish restaurant. The term "kebab" may seem confusing. It refers to a cooking style other places call shawarma. But there's no mistaking the signature flavor combination of onion and garlic with Italian parsley, mint, and cilantro. If you'd prefer a sandwich-style meal, chefs can make most kebabs in a wrap. As a little touch of Hokkaido, some chicken kebab wraps come with lots of fresh mozzarella cheese.

A Completely Different Type of Ice Cream

To get the best soft-serve ice cream in Japan, you need to go to Hokkaido. However, for a totally different experience, Turkish restaurants serve dondurma. This Turkish ice cream uses most of the same ingredients in any ice cream, such as milk and cream. But the key to dondurma is salep. Salep is the ground bulb from an orchid and it serves as a thickening agent. Due to Turkey's climate, keeping ice cream frozen proved difficult. Instead, salep helps maintain a solid consistency while adding dondurma's trademark elastic texture and floral flavor. Dondurma in Hokkaido uses slightly different ingredients, but the texture stays the same.

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