Turkish food delivery in Osaka

Enjoy the best of the Turkish cuisine in Osaka

Try something adventurous next time you order Turkish food delivery in Osaka. From local specialties to authentic Thai cuisine, Osaka has something unique for everyone. And as the cuisine grows in global popularity, the Turkish food in Osaka is no exception. Here are some tips to help you get started on your next order.

Internationally Inspired Turkish Food Delivery in Osaka

When it comes to Turkish food, most people think of Kebab. Turkish kebab is a style of sliced, vertically grilled spiced meats served as part of a meal or in a grilled wrap. The popularity of the kebab has led to fusions with other cuisines from around the world. One particularly delicious fusion for kebab is from Indian cuisine. Kebab wraps usually involve a thin, unleavened flatbread called lavash that turns crisp after being pressed. Instead of lavash, using pillowy naan for the wrap changes up the texture of the dish, especially when the wrap isn't grilled. Paired with chicken, garlic sauce, and pickles, it becomes a perfect marriage of fillings and bread.

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As a food capital, Osaka offers a wide range of dishes from cuisines around the world. That means finding more Turkish food than just kebab, including one of Turkey's best snack foods: Pide. Known as Turkish pizza, Pide is a pita-like flatbread baked in a stone oven with a variety of toppings. For those who want to start with the basics, try Peynir Pide. Peynir Pide features Beyaz Peynir, a brined cheese similar to feta, as the main ingredient. This gives the dish a bold cheese flavor that pairs well with the mellow and savory egg. If Peynir Pide does the trick, next time try meaty options like Kiymali Pide!

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