Turkish food delivery in Kobe

Discover the Turkish restaurants in Kobe

For tonight's dinner, try Turkish food delivery in Kobe. Ranging from Mediterranean-influenced dishes to Central Asian fusion, Turkish cuisine has something for everyone. While even lifelong residents have trouble sampling all of Kobe's culinary scene, the city's Turkish food can't be missed.

Handheld Turkish Food Delivery in Kobe

Turkey's most well-known dish is kebab, a spiced grilled meat dish. When sliced from a vertical rotisserie, it goes by Doner Kebab. Serving up this dish can take many forms, including rice plates or placed on a skewer. For a tasty handheld treat, try a Doner Sandwich. These sandwiches come in as many styles as kebab itself, but lamb doner durum style remains the most popular. Simple fillings and a garlic sauce accompany the kebab, wrapped within a thin, leavened flatbread. After seconds on the grill, the flatbread becomes crispy and light. Every bite starts with a satisfying crunch and leads into garlicky, savory goodness.

Tasty Turkish Meatballs

Almost every culture shares a love of meatballs. With Swedish meatballs paired with lingonberry jam and grilled Vietnamese Bun Cha, meatball variety covers the whole flavor spectrum. Somewhere in the middle lies Kofta. While Kofta can contain several different types of meat, traditional Kofta is made with ground lamb. Garlic and onion enhance the lamb's umami while parsley and mint cut through with a fresh, herbal flavor. Earthy cumin unifies the meatball before it's grilled. As a main course, Kofta comes with seasoned rice, pickles, and a green salad. Why not give it a try the next time you're in the mood for Turkish food in Kobe.

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