Turkish food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Turkish restaurants in Fukuoka

Treat yourself to Turkish food delivery in Fukuoka. Turkish food is gaining traction in Japan and Fukuoka is no different. Chefs incorporate the natural bounty and city flavor into every dish, making the Turkish food in Fukuoka distinct, creative, and delicious.

Japanese-Turkish Fusion

Rice plays a key role in both Turkish and Japanese cuisine. Pilaf dishes use flavored, loose rice vastly different from the sticky white rice found in East and Southeast Asian dishes. Japanese-Turkish fusion dishes often incorporate one culture's rice preference with the other's meat or vegetables. A perfect example of this blend is a simple Katsu Pilaf. Traditional Turkish chicken pilaf features pulled, boiled chicken cooked with onions mixed in the rice. The katsu chicken cutlet replaces the pulled chicken and sits on top of the rice. However, the rice is cooked pilaf style, with butter and chicken stock, then mixed with grilled onions. The savory rice complements the crunchy chicken while the katsu adds texture and balances the plate.

Vegan-Friendly Turkish Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Fukuoka offers an extensive selection of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cuisines, including Turkish food. While famous Turkish dishes often contain meat, many regional side dishes forgo animal products completely. Borulce Salatasi is a popular salad made with a black-eyed pea base. A light olive oil marinade with a splash of orange and pomegranate juice covers the cooked beans. White onion and red pepper add sweet and savory crunch to the beans. A sprig of parsley garnishes the salad and brightens the flavor. The citrus notes give the salad a distinctly Mediterranean feel, perfect for a light lunch or summer dinner.

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