Thai delivery in Sapporo

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A takeout staple around the world, Thai food delivery in Sapporo continues to surge in popularity. In 2000, Thai food first became a fad in Japan. People lauded Thai green curry for its health benefits, making it a favorite among healthy food fans. While the initial fervor faded, Thai restaurants continued serving delicious curries and soups to gastronauts across the country. Tokyo may still have the most Thai restaurants in Japan, but Sapporo hosts some talented, authentic Thai chefs of its own.

A New Twist on Seafood with Thai Food Delivery in Sapporo

If there’s one thing Sapporo is known for, it’s the crazy good seafood. Thai fish dishes provide a new way to eat Sapporo’s best. Tom yum kung is a sour, spicy soup featuring shrimp as the main ingredient. The broth, seasoned with lemongrass, lime juice, and crushed chili peppers, perfectly complements the fresh, delicate flavor of Hokkaido shrimp. For a main course, you can’t go wrong with khanom jeen nam ya. The minced fish and coconut milk curry sit on top of vermicelli noodles. The mix of the tasty, bolognese-like sauce with thin noodles and relatively low spice level makes this version of nam ya widely popular.

Nature’s Bounty In All Forms

Thai food in Sapporo benefits from close proximity to Hokkaido’s many farms. But perhaps the most important ingredient Hokkaido offers Thai cuisine is ice cream. Hokkaido ice cream ranks on best dessert lists across Japan and it makes the perfect companion to a famous Thai dessert. Pisang goreng is traditionally made with plantain, but bananas have increased in popularity abroad. The banana is battered and deep-fried, giving it a golden color and crispy texture. Inside, the banana becomes softer, sweeter, and gains an almost creamy consistency. Melting over fresh Hokkaido vanilla ice cream, pisang goreng is the perfect finisher when ordering Thai food delivery in Sapporo.

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