Thai food delivery in Osaka

Enjoy the best Thai restaurants near you in Osaka

Thai food delivery in Osaka offers diverse options to create a whole meal. In Osaka, eating is something personal and all-important. The Thai food in Osaka follows suit with the city's philosophy. Each meal contains bold flavors and endless potential to become a delicious multi-course meal. Here are some tips to get something new and delicious out of your Thai dinner order.

Decadent Thai Food Delivery in Osaka

While Thai cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world, that doesn't mean it can't still be an indulgent experience. An excellent way to enjoy the shellfish and Thai food is green curry with crab. The green chilies, cilantro, and lemongrass provide a nuanced and pungent contrast to the richly sweet crab meat. For a rich twist on comfort food, try Khao Man Gai. Inspired by Chinese cuisine, the chicken fried rice is cooked in stock and chicken fat, giving the meal a deep, complex flavor and oily texture. The Thai version features a dipping sauce with yellow soybean paste, ginger, and garlic to complete the flavor palate.

Thai Sweets and Desserts

Thai food is well-known for its delicious curries and seafood. But, the cuisine also has many sweet options that make excellent desserts or treats after a spicy meal. Combine Osaka's love for Kakigori, or shaved ice, with Thai inspiration with Mango Kakigori. Densely shaved ice serves as the base for rich coconut milk, mango jelly, and whole fruit pieces. For something more decadent, try Thai coconut milk ice cream. The creamy, rich-bodied texture pairs with the ultra-sweet coconut flavor to make the perfect cool down after a delicious curry meal. Try it topped with peanuts for an extra crunchy and salty kick.

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