Thai food delivery in Kobe

Order from the best Thai restaurants of Kobe

Adventurous eaters should try ordering Thai food delivery in Kobe. Kobe's vibrant culinary scene features a cosmopolitan assortment of international cuisines. Compared to most of Japan, Thai food in Kobe tends to be spicier and features more traditional Thai ingredients. Here are some local and global favorites to help start your order.

Izakaya-Style Delight

When drinking, you should always make sure to eat something. Japan's gastropubs, called izakaya, usually include finger food with the all-you-can-drink special. Much like Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai spring rolls often pop up on pub menus. The two dishes share many similarities but they do have major differences. While the popular Vietnamese spring roll is fresh and raw, the Thai roll, called Poh Pia, is fried. Poh Pia's flakey, pastry-like wrapper provides a light, crunchy texture. The sweet and spicy chili sauce complements the savory pork, bean sprouts, and taro filling. Poh Pia pairs wonderfully with sake, making it Kobe's ideal drinking snack.

Vegetarian Thai Food Delivery in Kobe

Kobe may seem like a difficult city for vegetarians. However, that reputation lies only on the surface. Along with a growing number of vegetarian restaurants, Thai restaurants in Kobe offer high-quality meatless options. Soups prefaced with Tom Kha use a coconut-based broth, often making them vegetarian and creamy delicious. Technically pescatarian due to fish sauce, chefs around the world consider the meat-free Som Tam, papaya salad, one of the best dishes of all time. Grated green papaya provides the dish with a tangy, sour base. The key Thai ingredients, lime, spicy chilis, salt, fish sauce, and palm sugar combine to create a full-bodied and balanced flavor profile.

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