Thai food delivery in Fukuoka

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Open your home up to strong, vibrant flavors with Thai food delivery in Fukuoka. Hundreds of local and regional styles compose the highly diverse Thai cuisine. Luckily, Fukuoka's expansive glocal food scene can accommodate many varieties. Thai food in Fukuoka features a lot of green curry dishes in addition to the hallmarks of Thai takeout. Here are some simple, yet satisfying Thai recommendations to start your order.

Street Market Style Thai Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Before fast food, street food dominated the quick, tasty meal scene. The vendors in Thailand sold Gai Yang, a barbecue chicken dish, in street markets as a filling snack. Today, the dish appears in Thai restaurants around the world as a super flavorful meal with sticky rice. The chef halves a whole chicken and pounds it flat. The tender, flat chicken meat marinates in a garlicky fish sauce seasoned with lemongrass, turmeric, and coriander. The dish comes with a dried chili dipping sauce, adding a spicy-sweet kick to every bite.

Authentic Aromatic Thai Salads

The Isan region of Thailand shares elements of its cuisine with nearby Laos and Vietnam. Aromatics play a large role in how a dish tastes. Many Thai restaurants in Fukuoka offer authentic Isan-style dishes. Nam Tok Mu is a popular Thai salad made primarily with thinly sliced pork or beef. Its name references the juices oozing from the soy sauce and lemongrass-infused meat. The citrusy chili and fish sauce dressing provides the three major Thai flavors, sour, spicy, and salty. Cilantro and mint give the dish a crisp, herbal aroma, complementing the lemongrass in the meat.

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