Sushi delivery in Osaka

Order from the best sushi restaurants in Osaka

For dinner tonight, why not try ordering sushi delivery in Osaka? Sushi feels like a trendy Tokyo specialty, but chefs in Osaka prepare incredible sushi as well. Osaka boasts a reputation as home to deeply satisfying, informal Japanese cuisine. The sushi in Osaka embraces the laidback, street food style and provides options for an upscale experience. Whichever you prefer, foodpanda has your back. Here are some recommendations for your next sushi delivery order.

Diverse Sushi Delivery in Osaka

Fans of traditional Nigiri, Edomae Sushi, or Sashimi can find tons of options in Osaka. However, Osaka has its own way of making food, and sushi is no exception. Some of these local varieties rarely show up outside of the Kansai area. This is especially true for the winter classic, Mushizushi. Mushizushi is a type of steamed, mixed sushi unique to the Osaka and Kyoto area. Unlike regular sushi, it’s hot and eaten out of a bowl. However, the use of shari, or sushi rice, designates the meal as sushi rather than a different type of dish. Paired with cooked eel, Mushizushi makes the perfect winter comfort food.

Omakase Sushi: A Chef Tailored Course

A popular style of dine-in sushi is omakase. Omakase involves a course-style meal with each dish selected by the chef based on what's in season. It's a great way to taste the freshest and healthiest ingredients available. Osaka has its own version of the omakase style: kappo. Literally meaning "cut" and "cook", kappo meals involve much more than just sushi. The meal includes side dishes, fried food, and often conversations with the chef. If you're not in the mood to add lively Osakan banter to your meal, you can still order a chef's choice takeout meal. With Osaka's vibrant fresh fish market, the food will definitely taste fresh and delicious.

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