Sushi delivery in Nagoya

Enjoy the best sushi restaurants in Nagoya

You don’t have to seek out a five-star restaurant in order to enjoy some delicious sushi delivery in Nagoya. Japanese cuisine puts a great deal of emphasis on the quality of the ingredients used to make a great meal. One of the reasons that sushi in Nagoya tastes so good is the great care taken in making sure that the tastiest rice is selected for its creation. Aichi prefecture has Aichinokaori, Mineasahi, and Koshihikari rice, which are delicious options for sushi. The special feature of the rice grown in Nagoya is that there are fewer agricultural chemicals used to cultivate it. Because of Nagoya’s great effort to recycle food waste, there is now a program in which local farmers use a special compost to grow wonderful white rice with much lower environmental impact.

Specialty Sushi Delivery in Nagoya

So, what kind of sushi should you get while you’re in Nagoya? One great option that is a favorite throughout the city is Tenmusu. It originates in Tsu City within Mie Prefecture, but the city of Nagoya has certainly taken this great dish and made it their own. Tenmusu consists of a rice ball that contains a small serving of shrimp tempura, all wrapped in a nice coat of nori. Tenmusu is a famous local specialty that is commonly seen throughout the Osu area. These bite-sized pieces are very flavorful, and also incredibly filling.

Nagoya Sushi Varieties

There’s far more to sushi in Nagoya than just Tenmusu. In fact, one of the great things about sushi, in general, is the variety. You can get sushi as simple as a Cucumber Roll, which contains only cucumber, sushi rice, and nori. Or you can get more complicated with a more dynamic flavor with dishes like Hokkai Nigiri Sushi, which has sea urchin, salmon roe, scallops, crab, and a series of other northern sea products. Some other must-try cuisines that use Nagoya’s wonderful recycling project include healthy and Japanese food. Check them out today!

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