Sushi delivery in Kobe

Find the best sushi restaurants in Kobe

Ordering sushi delivery in Kobe is a must. With numerous Michelin star sushi restaurants, Kobe offers some of the highest quality sushi in Japan. Like most Japanese dishes, fresh fish is crucial to a successful plate of sushi. Kobe's large port and love of seafood combine to create a sushi lover’s paradise. Before ordering, here are some quick facts to guide your Kobe sushi selection.

Benefits of an International Market

Sushi chefs in Kobe stick to the basics. The rice is the heart of the dish, but the topping is the star. The best quality sushi in Kobe focuses on the natural, fresh flavor of the fish or seafood. Luckily, chefs can access the best seafood from around the world from the Uonotana fish market. Uonotana rivals Tokyo's famous Tsukiji market in size as well as selection. In the early morning, commercial international sales provide chefs with any ingredient they need. Crab from Hokkaido, abalone from Mie prefecture, even octopus from coastal Africa all arrive quickly and in top condition. Later in the day, fishermen bring their daily haul used in the freshest sushi dinner specials in Kobe.

Meat Sushi Delivery in Kobe

Kobe's famous meat can make more than just a fantastic steak. It can enhance a burger, elevate casual yakiniku, and transform sushi. Nikuzushi, or meat sushi, is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of raw fish and seafood pieces, vinegared sushi rice is topped with cuts of meat. In addition to Kobe beef, nikuzushi includes chicken, duck, pork, and even venison. The meat is cooked or at least lightly seared, making it a perfect introduction to sushi for those concerned about raw fish. However, for the daring, most nikuzushi places offer plates of meat sashimi, including the beautifully marbled wagyu beef.

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