Sushi delivery in Hiroshima

Find the best sushi restaurants in Hiroshima

With sushi delivery in Hiroshima, you can get some specialty sushi with a better taste than anywhere else in the country. Some of the specialty fish that are commonly eaten in Hiroshima are eel and oyster. Eel isn’t as simple as any regular fish. There is a lot of care required when cooking eel, so much so that there are often special eel chefs with a profession entirely separate from sushi chefs. When made correctly, eel is absolutely mouthwatering, often with a sweet and savory sauce. Oyster sushi is often served raw, shucked from its shell, and placed on a ball of sushi rice. It’s also served in the form of gunkan maki, where it is wrapped in a piece of nori seaweed with rice.

Luxurious Fresh Hiroshima Sushi

Now you can get luxurious, high-quality sushi delivered right to your door! Perfect for a night in with family, or even a lovely dinner date. Japanese sushi consists of a wide variety of different seafood toppings. Amaebi, otherwise known as spot prawns, is a delicious topping for sushi and a popular choice. It features a very sweet shrimp which is the only type that is best enjoyed raw. Maguro, or bluefin tuna, is some of the most commonly eaten fish in all of Japanese cuisine. There’s definitely a reason for this, as it’s especially delicious as sushi. You can now enjoy both of these delectable types of sushi without leaving home.

Tempura Sushi Delivery in Hiroshima

Tempura is the Japanese style of deep-frying which uses a light and fluffy batter. Tempura is often used with sushi and a great way to experience sushi in Hiroshima. Sushi chefs will often prepare the contents of a sushi roll tempura-style, deep frying the fish or the vegetables that will be in the roll. Sometimes the entire roll will be cooked tempura-style, giving a delicious crunch to the entire dish. Still hungry? Check out the sandwich and vegetarian delivery options today.

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