Sushi delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best sushi restaurants in Fukuoka

When it comes to sushi delivery in Fukuoka, the options are nearly limitless. Fukuoka markets boast fish from Suou-nada and the Genkai and Ariake Seas. These near tropical waters provide access to more exotic fish, making for diverse sushi in Fukuoka. Sushi chefs flex their creativity making ultra-fresh and super-rich versions of a classic Japanese dish. These are some unique trends to look out for the next time you try Fukuoka sushi.

Kyushu-Mae Sushi Delivery in Fukuoka

One of the latest sushi trends calls back to its most traditional form. Before refrigeration, a soy sauce brine kept fish from spoiling while adding a salty flavor. Today, Edo-mae sushi chefs use the brine to emphasize the stronger flavor of aged fish. Kyushu-mae, sometimes Hakata-mae, follows the same principle of Edo-mae sushi with a twist. Instead of soy sauce, Kyushu-mae style uses a salt, chili pepper, and kabosu citrus marinade. The citrus notes highlight the bright, aquatic freshness of the fish, while the salt and chili bring out the richness. Kyushu-mae Squid Sushi combines local ingredients and strengthens the squid's mild flavor.

Fresh Fish and Rich Rice

Fukuoka's bountiful seas offer chefs some of the freshest fish available. Some Fukuoka sushi shops emphasize freshness by serving seafood while it's still alive, Ikizukuri style. Others prefer to alter the sushi rice. Instead of white rice vinegar, using akazu red vinegar gives the rice a rich, umami flavor. Akazu comes from a yeasty sake byproduct. Richer rice contrasts with raw, unseasoned fish, bringing out delicate notes in the topping for a light, healthy meal. To experience the fresh bounty of the sea, check for akazu sushi rice next time you order sushi in Fukuoka.

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