Sandwich delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy a sandwich in Sapporo

Sandwich delivery in Sapporo used to be a rarity. However, the handheld snack recently jumped in popularity, particularly late at night. Japanese sandwiches differ slightly from sandwiches from other countries. The bread is often softer with the crust precisely cut off to make crisp, uniform edges. Fillings include savory, sweet, traditional, and even fusion cuisine. But, eating a sandwich in Sapporo isn’t simply having a snack: it’s engaging with a work of art. Here are some tips from foodpanda for the best sandwich experience in the city.

The Secret’s In the Bread

Sapporo has a ton of specialty restaurants and food shops. The variety of bakeries is particularly valuable for sandwich makers. Bread is no joke in Sapporo. The prefecture even has its own variety of white bread, called shokupan, made with milk, cream, and sugar. On its own, it makes a popular snack but can be used for sandwiches as well. All shokupan has an ultra-light, springy texture and pairs wonderfully with soft fillings. One perfect pairing is a sweet sandwich stuffed with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Hokkaido milk makes another appearance in the cream, beaten to a fluffy, pillowy consistency.

Savory Sandwich Delivery in Sapporo: A Scrumptious Spectrum

If you think sweet flavors should be reserved for dessert, the famous shokupan also makes excellent savory sandwiches. While in Sapporo, smoked salmon sandwiches are a must. The silky smooth texture of the salmon melts into the cream cheese. Together they produce a pillowy texture like the whipped cream sandwich, only with a decadent twist. Another specialty savory sandwich is filled with tandoori chicken. Given Sapporo’s relationship with curry, Indian food’s popularity should be no surprise. Sandwiches featuring tandoori chicken often use naan as the bread. Shokupan almost melts into the tender chicken, letting the spices take center stage. When ordering sandwich delivery in Sapporo, you’re in for one sweet or saucy experience.

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