Sandwich delivery in Kobe

Craving for a delicious sandwich in Kobe?

Sandwich delivery in Kobe satisfies intense lunch cravings at the office. Most sandwich shops have a full bakery, making it easy to upgrade your meal with a pastry or cake. Before getting dessert, the first step is to identify your cuisine craving. Kobe's large foreign influence and hearty local flavors give you options ranging from Turkish kebab wraps to American BLTs. Here’s some culinary background research to help you make your decision.

Origins of Bread

Japan's traditional agriculture lacks one key ingredient to the sandwich: bread. As a result, the bread found around the country originated from different foreign cultures. Japan's famous Shokupan may compose tasty convenience store sandwiches nationwide, some sandwiches need a sturdier base. Kobe's main bread influence comes from Germany. German bread stands out among its fluffier European cohorts due to its hearty nature. The gluten structure in the rye and hulled wheat flour creates a close, dense texture. Two thick slices of German bread make the perfect base for a slice of thick, juicy meat sandwich in Kobe.

Healthy Sandwich Delivery in Kobe

Kobe offers a lot of healthy cuisine options. But, some famous Kobe meals, like fried foods, red meat, taste better with moderation. To balance out a Kobe diet, why not try a Campagne Chicken Sandwich? Served on whole wheat Campagne bread, the sandwich features a veggie-packed Nicoise salad. The salad's oil-tossed olives and tomatoes provide acidity to contrast with the meat filling. In this case, a herb-spiced chicken breast complements the olives with sweet notes of fresh basil. Pair it with a crisp Kirin beer and the meal instantly becomes a Kobe favorite.

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