Sandwich delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best sandwich restaurants near you in Fukuoka

Answer your lunch or dinner cravings with some savory sandwich delivery in Fukuoka. The sandwich lineup in Fukuoka ranges from fresh banh mi and egg salad to hot paninis and patty melts. With so many options, choosing can get overwhelming. Whether you want a light snack or a filling meal, here are some recommendations for the best sandwiches to try.

Classic, Crispy Cuban

Sometimes, you want a full meal of a sandwich. Something so filling and delicious that it puts you dangerously close to falling into a post-meal nap. Finding this gem in Fukuoka means ordering a tasty Cuban Sandwich. Smoke-cured deli ham tops slices of juicy pork shoulder, so tender it nearly melts into the soft white bread. The mild swiss cheese complements the sweet notes of the ham. Dill pickle adds acidity to the soft, savory palate and pairs well with the sharp yellow mustard. The sandwich is pressed, melting the cheese and forming a beautiful crunchy crust.

Dressed Up Japanese Sandwich Delivery in Fukuoka

While classic sandwiches are decidedly western-style food, Japanese convenience stores stock a variety of Japanese-inspired sandwiches. The famous Cutlet (Katsu) Sandwich simply combines the Japanese comfort food and white bread. But specialty sandwich shops in Fukuoka make katsu sandwiches with a twist. The creamy mayonnaise adds sweetness to the crunchy fried chicken cutlet. Cabbage and tomato provide fullness and texture and melted gouda cheese makes the sandwich feel decadent. The standout modification to the standard is the meat sauce. Made from crumbled hamburger marinated in a flavorful tomato broth, the sauce adds an extra umami boost. This delicious sandwich combines the best parts of the katsu sandwich and a patty melt for an unforgettable lunchtime sandwich in Fukuoka.

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