Pizza delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy now the pizza restaurants in Sapporo

Pizza delivery in Sapporo is the perfect option for when you don’t feel like cooking. It’s warm, filling, and one of the ultimate comfort foods fitting for a harsh Hokkaido winter. There’s also light, crispy pizzas perfect for lunch after hitting the lilac festival. But you don’t need an excuse or special occasion to enjoy pizza in Sapporo, The city has enough Italian restaurants and specialty pizzerias to turn it into a staple in no time.

Specialty Italian Pizza Delivery in Sapporo

When you feel like trying something a little different, why not try one of the Roman-style pizzas available in the city? Roman pizza is unique due to its thin, yet almost focaccia-like crust. Getting a good, porous crumb structure depends on a long rise and high-quality flour. Hokkaido produces most of Japan’s wheat, making Sapporo the perfect place to get an excellent Roman pizza. The crisp texture provides a perfect canvas for tomato sauce and toppings or a simple olive oil, or Bianca style. Either option pairs perfectly with Sapporo’s namesake beer, wine, or a number of tasty beverages available around the city.

Lunch or Late Night: Sapporo’s Perfect Social Food

Speaking of Sapporo beer, pizza is great late-night food, especially to share with friends. From a city known for jingisukan and beer nights, friends and family gathered around a pizza drinking and overeating feels only natural. But pizza isn’t limited to just dinnertime. Pizza takeaway in Sapporo is a perfect option for a unique spin on picnic fare during Hokkaido’s gorgeous summers. Pair it with some of Sapporo’s specialties, like a nice cake for dessert, and you have a perfect meal for the group. But if you don’t have time to pick it up, order it ahead of time with foodpanda: your hookup for pizza delivery in Sapporo.

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