Pizza delivery in Osaka

Check the pizza restaurants in Osaka

Given the number of options, ordering pizza delivery in Osaka is easy. With Osaka's famous Amemura and Shinsaibashi area, pizza joints seem as common as they are in New York City. Osaka even has their own famous "Japanese pizza" in the form of Okonomiyaki. However, if you're looking for a more traditional take on the dish, the choices can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips from foodpanda to navigate the pizza scene in Osaka.

Fast and Familiar Pizza Delivery in Osaka

Sometimes pizza acts like comfort food. However, like the classic American hamburger, most restaurants in Japan put a Japanese spin on traditional pizza. When craving a takeout style pie, you can order from one of the many Western style restaurants and chain pizza joints in Osaka. You can even match your order to your craving level. Do you have a group of friends coming over for the night? A large Pepperoni Pizza will do the trick. Are you doing a solo lunch and want something easy? You can order single slices, even in the iconic, foldable Brooklyn style.

Artistic Pizza Expressions

For those who want to experiment with their pizza in Osaka, the city has plenty of options. For traditionalists, Napoletana certified restaurants create picture-perfect Margherita Pizzas. The sauce is sweet without too much acidity, topping the pillowy dough with a crispy crust. For more unique pizzas, try experimenting with toppings. Many restaurants offer Japanese-style pizza toppings, like corn or mayonnaise. Combining unusual items, like hearty mushrooms and zesty celery, can make for an unforgettable dinner. Shared with a group or enjoyed on your own, pizza is the perfect indulgent treat.

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