Pizza delivery in Kobe

Discover the best pizza restaurants in Kobe

With a thriving late-night scene, you may find yourself ordering a lot of pizza delivery in Kobe. The simple dish is readily available, filling, and pairs well with a certain beverage from Kobe's famous brewery. As a thriving port city, Kobe hosts a wide variety of international cuisine. Whether it's Brooklyn-style, deep dish, or something a little fancier, pizza in Kobe always hits the spot.

American-Style Pizza Delivery in Kobe

Of the western-style foods available in Kobe, pizza may be the most accessible. Japanese chefs have altered the dish to include ingredients some foreigners may hesitate to try. But if you just feel like indulging in a familiar experience, Kobe's many American-style pizza joints can answer your craving. Pizza may have originated in Italy, but New York-style large, foldable slices became the default for most people. Luckily, Kobe has shops selling pizza by the slice, capturing the Brooklyn-style experience. Another U.S. variant, deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, also finds representation in the port city. The thick crust filled with rich tomato sauce and mountains of cheese starkly contrasts with most Japanese food. But, it definitely satisfies an authentic pizza craving.

Elevated Hand-Tossed Pizza

For most people, pizza equates to a quick, casual meal. However, the dish can be elevated to a fancier level but stripping it down to its roots. Kobe's Italian restaurants offer a Margherita pizza that highlights the unique quality of each ingredient. A thick tomato sauce smothers handmade dough, rolled out to order. Once in a specialty brick oven, fresh slices of mozzarella cheese melt into stretchy, creamy goodness. Whole basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil add a sharp and balanced finish to the dish. In the end, you'll end up eating a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza in Kobe that transports you to Naples.

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