Pizza delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best pizzerias near you in Fukuoka

How do you decide what to get when ordering pizza delivery in Fukuoka? Do you base it off how well it represents Fukuoka's local specialties? Do drink pairings play into the decision? Is style a key factor? With the many diverse options for pizza in Fukuoka, choosing may come down to judging a restaurant on their mastery of the basics.

Pizza Marinara: Cheese-Free Specialty

Chefs recognize two types of pizza as registered Neapolitan style. The first, Margherita Pizza, includes a basic mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce combination. Less well-known Neapolitan pizza is the vegan and vegetarian-friendly Pizza Marinara. Crushed tomato sauce tops a thin, crispy crust. Large garlic slices and oregano serve as the only aromatics and a drizzle of olive oil finishes the plate. The simple, subtle flavors bounce off each other. The pungent garlic brings out the sweetness of the tomato while fragrant oregano adds slightly bitter, earthy notes. Balance is the key to a successful pizza Marinara, making it the perfect test to judge the quality of a pizza shop in Fukuoka.

Sauceless Pizza Delivery in Fukuoka

Some consider sauce the most important ingredient when making pizza. But, what does that mean for a sauceless pizza? Bianca style pizza uses only a drizzle of olive to dress the crust, emphasizing the dough's flavor. Additionally, the lack of sauce, and sometimes cheese, showcases the quality of the toppings. For a decadent Bianca pizza, try ordering a Porcini and Ham Pizza. Chefs value porcini mushrooms for their strong nutty and umami flavor. The mushroom's earthy base brings out the sweet, smokiness in the ham. A light touch of fennel rounds out the dish with mild astringent and saccharine notes.

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