Mexican food delivery in Fukuoka

Find the best Mexican restaurants in Fukuoka

Mexican food delivery in Fukuoka spices up an already lively culinary scene. All of the food in Fukuoka benefits from the city's cosmopolitan history and access to Kyushu's luscious farmland. As a result, the Mexican cuisine ranges from mild, hearty, and western-inspired, to truly spicy classic dishes. Check out some of the best Mexican food Fukuoka has to offer.

Fusion Mexican Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Tex-mex occasionally falls in the Mexican food category while sometimes it stands out on its own. In Fukuoka, it represents a geographic region known for spicy, yet hearty foods. Some western restaurants consider chili con carne just another soup, but the recipe is pure tex-mex. The blend of chili peppers brings a smokey heat to the juicy beef. Black or pinto beans give the stew a full body and make the dish into a filling dish on its own. A garnish of sour cream and cheddar cheese can cool down the heat if needed. But whether on a spoon or scooped up in a crunchy tortilla chip, an order of chili con carne is pure tex-mex bliss.

Juicy, Seasoned Tacos

Tacos are the most accessible and iconic Mexican dish. Fukuoka chefs serve up chicken, fish, and beef tacos that satisfy any Mexican food craving. But, for an extra flavorful kick, try Tacos al Pastor. Well-seasoned pork roasts on a spit inspired by the Turkish kebab. Pineapple in the marinade tenderizes the meat and elevates its natural sweetness. A handmade soft corn tortilla cradles the thinly-sliced pork, absorbing the flavorful juices. A simple onion and cilantro garnish adds contrasting sharpness to finish the taco. The Tacos al Pastor's well-rounded flavor palate perfectly represents the diversity of Mexican food in Fukuoka.

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