Korean food delivery in Yokohama

Discover the best Korean restaurants in Yokohama

There’s no need to travel across the Sea of Japan to get some authentic Korean food when you can get some Korean food delivery in Yokohama. Many people know that Yokohama has the largest Chinatown in Japan, but few know that there is actually a bustling Koreatown too! Yokohama is a melting pot of international cultures. This is in part because it’s one of the first ports in Japan to open to the rest of the world after more than two hundred years of being closed. Korean food is one of many cuisines to be introduced to Japan this way, and it has made a home for itself in Yokohama.

Authentic Korean Delicacies in Yokohama

Enjoying the savory Korean food in Yokohama is a wonderful way to enjoy the intercultural food options in this dynamic city. Korean barbecue in particular is a must-have no matter how much time you are planning to spend in Yokohama. Samgyeopsal, or grilled pork belly, is a delicacy among those who enjoy Korean cuisine, and it's one of the many food options that you can have delivered in Yokohama. You can also get a taste of some savory Galbi Gui, or beef ribs, to enjoy some delectable spare ribs BBQ. Barbecued foods are of course not the only option for Korean food delivery. You can also grab some spicy Kimchi Stew or some Korean style chicken soup to warm up your day.

Korean Food Delivery in Yokohama

Cheese Dakgalbi is another popular Korean dish in Yokohama that you can have delivered right now. Dakgalbi is a chicken and vegetable dish that is stir-fried with a special sweet and spicy sauce before being topped with a generous serving of cheese. This dish is created using only the best ingredients to ensure that you will enjoy a wonderfully authentic taste! If you want to see what other international dishes Yokohama has to offer, we highly recommend trying some Thai or Vietnamese food.

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