Korean delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the Korean food in Sapporo from the best Korean restaurants

Korean food delivery in Sapporo gets you more than just bibimbap for your lunch break. Korea and Hokkaido have similar climates but different native ingredients. So, in a way, Korean food is an alternate response to Sapporo’s cool, temperate environment. And, luckily for spicy food lovers, that includes more chilis to combat winter cold.

A Korean-Ramen Fusion Experience

Sapporo hosts a diverse restaurant market, but ramen remains the most well-known area specialty. Ramen isn’t a foreign concept in Korea. Korean-style ramen, ramyeon, contains instant ramen noodles, packaged, dehydrated broth, and toppings that vary based on preference. However, since Sapporo is the ramen capital, restaurants came up with a new version. Sapporo’s Korean-style ramen takes inspiration from yukgaejang, a spicy beef, and scallion soup. The dish has classic, fresh ramen noodles, and a bright red, chili pepper broth. Pork or chicken substitute for shredded beef, but the ramen still features heaps of scallions.

Turn Up the Heat with Korean Food Delivery in Sapporo

Like the super-popular Sichuan style Chinese food, Korean food in Sapporo brings food-lovers delicious heat. A perfect introduction to the Korean style spice is chige nabe. Chige nabe is the Japanese word for kimchi soup. It’s best eaten in a communal hot pot style with beef, offal, and mushrooms. Another dish featuring group eating and a different kind of “heat" is yakiniku. Inspired by Korean barbecue, yakiniku joints pop up in every city in Japan. However, a specifically Korean grilled meat staple is samgyeopsal: grilled pork belly. Authentic Korean barbecue spots serve this piping hot, juicy meal with naengmyeon, a cold noodle dish. While tableside barbecue may technically be off-limits when ordering Korean food delivery in Sapporo, it’s important to know what dishes indicate a high-quality restaurant.

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