Korean food delivery in Osaka

Check out the delicious Korean restaurants in Osaka

Korean food delivery in Osaka offers some of the best Korean cuisine in Japan. Of the many international cuisines that make up Osaka's food scene, Korean food is the city's most famous. The Tsuruhashi neighborhood is home to the largest Korean population and number of Korean barbecue joints in Japan. With so many options, you have the opportunity to order something new and delicious every night. Here are some examples to start experiencing Korean food in Osaka.

Authentic Korean Food Delivery in Osaka

As a street food paradise, it makes sense that Osaka offers a variety of Korean quick snack foods. For a savory main course option, try Kimbap. The seaweed-wrapped rice dish resembles Japanese Norimaki. However, the ingredients inside the roll include cooked meats and vegetables and rice seasoned with sesame oil instead of vinegar. Korean street food also offers a quick and delicious cake option for dessert: Hotteok. Traditionally stuffed with cinnamon, brown sugar, and ground nuts, the handheld pancake tastes best piping hot. It makes the perfect end to a meal or a satisfying snack on its own.

Korean Alternatives to Osaka Standards

Most people go to Osaka looking to try the city's unique Japanese cuisine. Many of these street food staples have Korean alternatives that can spice up a meal. Instead of Okonomiyaki, try the Korean pancake: Buchimgae. The scallion-packed pajeon provides a new, spicy version of the Negiyaki variant. For fans of the unique intestine dish, horumon, Korean restaurants offer Gopchang. The Osaka classic actually originated from the Korean offal dish. Gopchang gets extra flavor from a diverse juice-based marinade with ginger and chilis to deepen its rich, meaty flavor.

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