Korean food delivery in Kobe

The best of Korean dishes in Kobe

Korean food delivery in Kobe offers a spin on established local favorites. While Chinese cuisine may be the most common international cuisine in Kobe, Korean food comes in second. The Korean food in Kobe benefits from the international port bringing in authentic Korean ingredients and the local beef. Here are some recommendations to get your order started.

Korean Food Delivery in Kobe: Comforting Classics

In a city as diverse as Kobe, it's easy to lose sight of simplicity. Influenced by the abundance of international cuisine, fusion restaurants continuously produce new, exciting variations of old favorites. But, sometimes the favorites don't need any adjustment. Authentic Korean food is in no way simplistic. Every meal features a powerhouse combination of flavors that can overwhelm those who aren't accustomed to it. Bulgogi is the perfect food to ease into Korean cuisine. Simply meaning fired meat, the pork or beef soaks in a soy sauce and garlic marinade before searing on a coal barbecue. The char and smokey quality amplify the strong umami notes of the marinade. Served with scallions, ginger, and rice, it's an accessible and delicious Korean classic.

A New Way to Enjoy Local Beef

Sometimes, the way to enjoy a dish is to strip it down to the essentials. Maybe even forgo cooking it all together. Japan's no stranger to raw food. Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese foods in the world. Shops already sell meat sashimi, including sliced wagyu steak. However, a certain Korean dish adds extra spice to the raw beef trend. Yukhoe bears many similarities to steak tartare. After tenderizing, the beef is marinated in a sauce flavored with onion, garlic, pepper, honey, and sesame. The accompanying dipping sauce provides the kick with a chili pepper base cut with sugar and vinegar. The dish melts in your mouth, leaving behind a sublime mix of sweet and spicy flavors.

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