Korean delivery in Hiroshima

Discover the best of Korean food in Hiroshima

Korean food delivery in Hiroshima is very expansive, offering several different authentic options that anyone can enjoy. The majority of Korean dishes are meat-based, and South Korea often imports a large amount of beef to suit their culinary needs. In Hiroshima, cattle is one of the most important parts of the local agriculture. The Japanese Black is prevalent here, being one of four breeds of cattle known as wagyu. They are coveted for their delicious meat, and Hiroshima uses this to its full potential when creating Korean dishes. Beef Bulgogi is highly desirable, featuring rib-eye steak bathed in soy sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil. Galbi is also delectable, consisting of delicious grilled short ribs.

Delicacies for Korean Food Delivery in Hiroshima

Kimchi is an iconic dish within Korean cuisine, and you can enjoy several different types through delivery in Hiroshima. Kimchi has several health benefits on top of being delicious, it serves as a wonderful side dish to any Korean entree. When people think of Kimchi, usually what really comes to mind is the Baechu Kimchi, which is the traditional “kimchi”. Another delicious type of kimchi that you should try in Hiroshima is the Kkakdugi, or cubed radish kimchi. This spicy kimchi is prepared in a similar way to Baechu, but it has a juicier and crunchier taste.

Something for Everyone

There are options for everyone with Korean food in Hiroshima, including children and picky eaters. Korean Fried Chicken, otherwise known as Yangnyeom, is something that can be shared with everyone. So, what’s so special about Korean fried chicken? It’s less greasy than other types of fried chicken, having been grilled twice to give a crunchy texture. If you’re looking for more international cuisine try other options like Mexican and Turkish food delivery in Hiroshima today!

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