Korean food delivery in Fukuoka

Find the best Korean restaurants in Fukuoka

Okay, here's the lowdown on Korean food delivery in Fukuoka. Korean food is all about sides. The many pickles, soups, and fermented dishes add up, offering a buffet of choices to recreate your own Korean feast at home. The Korean food in Fukuoka is authentic, plentiful, and out there waiting for you. Take advantage of Fukuoka's culinary landscape and order some of these traditional side dishes.

Rich, Comforting Soup

Fukuoka's prime location meant Korean and Chinese cuisine could subtly inspire the local fare. Hakata ramen's signature broth took its inspiration from the many rich, bone-based soups in Korean cooking. A can't-miss Korean comfort soup found in Fukuoka is Kkori Gomtang: oxtail soup. It takes multiple days to make the perfect oxtail broth. You can taste the labor of love in every thick spoonful. After discarding the bone, the oxtail meat cooks to an almost silky tenderness. Garlic and daikon finish off the soup base and a garnish of green onion adds a verdant sweetness. The dish tastes best paired with kimchi and other fermented Korean sides.

Healthy Korean Food Delivery in Fukuoka

When discussing healthy food, pancakes rarely come up in conversation. However, Bindae Tteok, a mung bean pancake, packs tons of nutrients in a thin, savory package. Ground mung bean paste forms the batter. The pork and kimchi combination contrasts umami and astringent flavors. Aromatic bracken and nutty sesame oil complete the balanced flavor profile. While the pancake tastes amazing on its own, a soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce adds extra tangy goodness. Vitamin-rich mung beans and probiotic kimchi make Bindae Tteok a guilt-free pancake indulgence.

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