Japanese delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the best Japanese restaurants in Sapporo

As a visitor, transplant, or even a local, you can’t go wrong with Japanese food delivery in Sapporo. The cuisine features local ingredients found in Hokkaido’s many farms and neighboring waters. That means high-quality seafood and a plethora of tasty vegetables for any vegetarian. In the hands of talented chefs, the fresh ingredients become hearty dishes perfect to refuel after a long hike or heat up in a snowstorm. Sapporo plays host to delicious food from all over the world, but Japanese food in Sapporo is a must.

Savory, Comforting, and Rich Japanese Food Delivery in Sapporo

When talking about comfort food and Sapporo, you can’t leave out ramen. For a unique ramen experience, you have to eat miso ramen with the recommended toppings: butter and corn. Tourists and locals alike love the extra hearty indulgence, especially in below-freezing temperatures. Curry fans should also check out another local specialty: soup curry. Soup curry takes famous Japanese curry roux and turns it into a spicy broth with tender chicken and a bunch of suage-style vegetables. It’s said to cure any cold, warm up a frozen body, and satisfy any curry craving.

Fresh Flavor Found only in Hokkaido

Sapporo’s home prefecture allows for completely unique dishes and freshest versions of some Japanese classics. With legendary seafood, Sapporo restaurants serve up some of the best seafood rice bowls (kaisendon) in the country. Kaisendon is a bowl of several varieties of sashimi piled on top of a bed of rice. In a city making sushi on par with Tokyo, you know the sliced tuna, sea urchin, and even salmon roe will be mouth-wateringly delicious. Those looking for a meatier experience have to try jingisukan. The quick stir-fry dish is one of the only ways to eat lamb in Japan. So next time you’re looking to order Japanese food delivery in Sapporo, make sure to take advantage of the local bounty.

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