Japanese delivery in Nagoya

Enjoy the best Japanese restaurants in Nagoya

The Japanese food delivery in Nagoya is very unique, with many dynamic options to choose from. One of the most famous foods in Nagoya is the Ankake Spaghetti, which is particularly interesting. This dish consists of a nice helping of spaghetti noodles topped with a thick, spicy, red sauce. It is often seen served ramen-style, with some delicious vegetables to add some color, and a fried egg placed on top. It is also often accompanied by sausage, too! This combination might seem a little strange, but you have to see it and try it to truly understand the scrumptious taste of this dish.

Nagoya’s Specialty Japanese Food Options

While Ankake Spaghetti might be the most notable of unique flavors available for Japanese food in Nagoya there are certainly other options. Tebasaki is a great savory dish for meat-lovers to sink their teeth into. Tebasaki literally translates to “wing tips", and features crisp, deep-fried chicken wings that are bathed in a sweet and savory sauce then topped with sesame seeds. Tebasaki is unique because it is made with bone-in wings and does not have any extra breading. It is also seasoned after being fried, giving it that extra dynamic flavor. If you enjoy Buffalo wings or Korean fried chicken, then Tebasaki is a great choice for you to get delivered today.

Mouthwatering Japanese Food Delivery in Nagoya

The options for Japanese food delivery in Nagoya are nearly endless. You can enjoy some specialties like the items above or some classics like tempura, soba noodles, and yakitori. You should give the Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Bowl a try, too! It is a very popular product in Nagoya that features chicken that is carefully grilled over charcoal and served over a bowl of white rice and topped with a soft-boiled egg. The Garlic Chicken Rice Bowl is also quite delicious, with savory garlic chicken over a nice helping of white rice. If you want to try out different Asian cuisines, make sure to check out the Korean or Vietnamese delivery options through foodpanda today.

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