Japanese delivery in Kobe

FInd the best Japanese restaurants in Kobe

When ordering Japanese food delivery in Kobe, it's important to consider regional variety. Northern Japan may use agricultural products while Kyushu and Okinawa incorporate tropical ingredients. The Japanese food in Kobe reflects the local love of seafood and tasty, contrasting flavors. Tonight, why not try out some local delicacies with the recommendations below.

Japanese Food Delivery in Kobe: Savoring Seasons

Most Japanese restaurants cook dishes following the seasons. Not only does this ensure the best quality ingredients, but it makes certain dishes into symbols of passing time. Symbols of spring often use fresh, mild ingredients to make delicately flavored healthy dishes. Taimeshi usually coincides with the first cherry blossoms of spring. Herb-seasoned rice and red sea bream are mixed together and steamed, marrying their flavors together. The hint of ginger highlights the mild, flakey fish filet. Pair it with a spring-time dessert, like sakura mochi, and you get an elegant early spring meal.

Street Food Quick Bites

Quick stall foods represent some of the most authentic Japanese dishes. Responding to their popularity, casual restaurants and pubs added stall food to their menus. Akashiyaki may seem like another octopus dumpling, takoyaki, but the Kobe classic differs in significant ways. Akashiyaki uses an egg heavy batter, lightly fried and dipped in dashi stock to enhance the octopus flavor. This results in a softer, fluffier texture than Osaka's takoyaki. For a larger meal, Bokkake Yakisoba takes the fried noodle dish and adds beef tendon and konjac jelly to the mix. With the sauce, the meal takes on a salty-sweet flavor highlighted by a unique texture combination.

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