Japanese delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Japanese restaurants in Fukuoka

Japanese food delivery in Fukuoka offers tons of adventurous choices. Fukuoka's rich food culture contains everything from ramen to hot pot and a thriving international scene. Even in tourism food guides, you will find that Fukuoka has a large listing of original creations. Here are two representing Fukuoka's influence and boundless creativity.

Fukuoka Classic Fast Food

The Japanese food in Fukuoka comes in many forms. Some dishes emphasize eating in a big group while others change with seasonal ingredients. But, for a unique Fukuoka treat, try the fast food-style version of the city's most famous local delicacy: Yaki Ramen. Like yakisoba, Yaki Ramen is a grilled noodle dish. What makes this grilled noodle dish special is its Hakata ramen origin. Chefs continuously baste the al dente ramen noodles and vegetables with rich tonkotsu broth. This produces a milder flavor than the strong soup ramen while infusing the umami taste within the noodles. A mild Doteyaki sauce adds a touch of salty-sweetness to finish the plate.

Popular Japanese Food Delivery in Fukuoka

You can find one of Fukuoka's original creations everywhere in Japan. It comes on pizza, mixed in pasta sauce, and tucked inside onigiri rice balls. Karashi Mentaiko is pollock roe marinated in a spicy chili pepper sauce. Pollack roe has a neutral flavor that takes on the flavor of its seasoning. This makes Karashi Mentaiko a super tender, almost buttery piece of pure chili pepper spice. For a tasty, balanced way to eat this chili pollack roe sauce, try Mentaiko Tamagoyaki. Egg mixed with mayonnaise and mirin makes a sweet, pillowy soft rolled omelet. The omelet and pollack roe combine for a melt-in-your-mouth texture, with each creamy bite accented by a kick of chili pepper.

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