Indian delivery in Yokohama

Discover the best Indian restaurants in Yokohama

If you’re in the mood to add some spice to your life, we highly recommend getting some Indian food delivery in Yokohama. Indian food has a very dynamic taste to it that sets it far apart from other cuisines. One of the main draws to Indian cuisine is the series of spices that are used to give it that extra special flavor. Yokohama has the second-largest spice market in all of Japan, featuring a series of different spices that are used in many cuisines across the globe. Yokohama is the starting point of the pilgrimage of many authentic cuisines that were brought from around the world, and Indian food is one that has most certainly taken the country by storm.

Popular Indian Cuisine in Yokohama

If you’ve spent any length of time in Japan, you’ve likely heard of the delicious curry rice that is commonly eaten throughout the country. Japan eats as many as 9.9 billion servings of curry in the span of one year, meaning that on average each person eats it more than once per week. The variety of Indian spices that are used in Japanese curry is one of the main attractions of the dish. You can order curry with a sweeter, more mild sauce, or you can order it with a spicy, fiery flavor. While the Japanese curry rice is different from authentic Indian curry, it has sparked interest in the Indian-style curry and Indian cuisine as a whole. If you love curry and want to eat on the run, why not try Indian food takeaway in Yokohama?

Authentic Indian Food Delivery in Yokohama

The Indian food in Yokohama features many different flavor profiles for you to enjoy. Biryani is an absolutely delicious meal that you can have delivered in a flash. Biryani features rice, meat, or vegetables mixed with a series of Indian spices. It also occasionally includes potatoes and eggs in certain regions! Choose from varieties such as mutton, chicken, or vegetable biryani to customize your perfect dish. Naan is also a delectable type of bread with many flavors that you can get alongside your entree. If you’re looking for some more health-conscious food options, we highly recommend checking out the Healthy food and Vegetarian food delivery options.

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