Indian delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the best Indian restaurants in Sapporo

Indian food delivery in Sapporo may seem like an odd choice at first. Hokkaido and India don't have much in common. With such different climates and resources, how could chefs possibly replicate that complex blend of spice and heat? Actually, Sapporo is one of the cosmopolitan Japanese cities with chefs that trained in India. Plus, who wouldn't want to kick up the heat in snowy winters, or enjoy mango lassi on a mild summer day? Here are some tips to get the best Indian food in Sapporo.

Curry Bento: Indian Food Delivery in Sapporo

Indian food can be enjoyed in many ways. The most common is to eat at a table with many dishes to sample from. However, a fresh, packaged meal can still deliver the spice anywhere you go. Japan is already familiar with curry fast food options. But that's Japanese-style curry, served with a milder sauce. Indian curry bento is the perfect meal for someone looking to spice up their curry routine. The bento features rice, naan, and, of course, a flavorful curry of your choice. It's an excellent option for those craving Indian food but strapped for time.

Local Ingredients, Indian Flavor

Hokkaido's natural resource bounty makes Sapporo a fresh food-lover's paradise. But that means access to unique ingredients that can be harder to find elsewhere in Japan. Lamb takes the crown of Hokkaido's most bountiful rare meat. Fresh lamb means delicious lamb curry. Juicy chunks of lamb leg in a spicy curry gravy pairs excellently with a cold pint of beer. For non-meat eaters, there are vegetarian specialties as well. Cheese naan takes Hokkaido milk cheese and combines it with the puffed, tandoor-baked bread to make a delectable local treat. Despite the distance from India, Indian food in Sapporo brings all the authentic flavor.

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