Indian delivery in Osaka

Enjoy the best of the Indian cuisine near you

For a vibrant, flavorful meal, try ordering Indian food delivery in Osaka. Osaka's vibrant culinary landscape provides access to different types of Indian food than you can’t find elsewhere in Japan. You can find everything from your favorite takeout staples to new regional variants and vegan options. Here are some recommendations to make the best of your Indian food in Osaka.

Full-Bodied Spices

Indian food is well known for its combination of spices and complex flavors. However, this can be worrisome for people sensitive to spicy foods with heat. Luckily, the large number of regional variations within Indian cuisine results in many different uses of spice and flavor. In Kashmiri cuisine, minced lamb curries the perfect Indian food experience for those sensitive to spicy heat. The dishes are well-spiced, but emphasize aroma over heat. This makes the dish perfectly balanced, well-seasoned, and easier to eat. Try Rogan Josh, a red spiced lamb curry, to experience one of the representative dishes of Kashmiri cuisine.

Vegetarian-Friendly Indian Food Delivery in Osaka

Due to its history, Indian food offers more vegetarian options than most cuisines available in Osaka. Many of the dishes, like potato and pea-filled samosas, contain no meat without any modifications. However, you'll find that some Indian food in Osaka modified existing meat dishes to suit vegetarian diets. Tandoori Soy Tikka takes soy protein and cooks in tandoori style, substituting for meats in other tikka dishes. For an Indian fusion meal, try a modification of a Turkish staple, kebab. Instead of the grilled meats traditionally found in kebab, try the dish with Aloo Gobi. The curried mix of potato and cauliflower adds the same punch of flavor with a filling and nutritious twist.

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