Indian delivery in Nagoya

Enjoy the best Indian restaurants in Nagoya

Indian food delivery in Nagoya is great for people who are craving some heat. Nagoya is a great city to travel to for foodies, as it has many different restaurants hosting several authentic cuisines from around the globe. Even if you’ve spent years in Nagoya, you can definitely find some interesting cuisine to have delivered to your door. One of those great cuisines that you should try is Indian food. Enjoy a flavorful combination with commonly used spices in India like cumin, black mustard seeds, turmeric, coriander, cayenne, and many, many more.

Spicy Indian Cuisine in Nagoya

If you’re the type that can handle a bit of spice, or if you simply want to see what you can handle, Indian food is a great option for you. The Indian food in Nagoya goes far beyond the normal curry rice that you commonly see throughout Japan. Choila is one spicy, delectable dish that you should try, complete with a meat of your choice. It’s most commonly made with buffalo meat, but you can also get it with mutton, chicken, duck meat, or mushrooms. It’s usually eaten with a side of rice flakes. Sekuwa is another delicious option hailing from the neighboring nation of Nepal. It consists of meat that is bathed in herbs then roasted on a natural wood fire.

Indian food delivery in Nagoya

Are you a fan of curry? You may be surprised to hear that there is a very green variety of this popular Indian dish that you can get for Indian food in Nagoya. Try out Saag, which is a curry that consists of cooked bitter greens such as kale, collards, and turnip greens mixed with spinach, chard, or bok choy. It’s commonly made with a series of spices just like regular curry, with varying amounts in order to customize how spicy it is. Try it with a side of bread such as rotini or naan, or even get it served over some rice. Not satisfied yet? Check out some beverage or dessert options for additions to complete your meal.

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