Indian food delivery in Kobe

Kobe's Indian restaurants open for you now!

Indian food delivery in Kobe brings one of Japan's most unique cuisines to your door. Outside of Tokyo, Kobe has the largest Indian population in Japan. However, the community in Kobe includes second and third generations living in Japan, building a deeply rooted culture in the city. As a result, Kobe boasts some of the best Indian restaurants in Japan, even rivaling the food hub of Yokohama.

Southern Indian Food Delivery in Kobe

Most Indian food in Japan resembles the cuisine from Northern India. This includes thick curry gravies, samosas, and naan. However, Indian food in Kobe resembles the Southern Indian style. These dishes feature more rice, lentils, and stew-like curries and include numerous vegetarian options. A significant component of Southern Indian meals is Dosa. Different from the leavened, flour-based naan, Dosa uses fermented rice and black lentil flour to create a runny batter. When cooked, the batter becomes a crepe-like pancake with a light, tangy flavor. Plain Dosa pairs well with chutneys and sambar, a spicy veggie stew.

Mix it Up With Biryani

Rice plays an important role in both Indian and Japanese cuisine. Rather than separating rice and curry, Biryani combines them. Biryani is a mixed rice dish with meat and spices cooked in one pot. The curried meat base is covered with uncooked or parboiled rice and saffron-infused milk. As the Biryani cooks, the flavors marry together, bringing the rich, balanced spices into the rice. The lightly floral saffron adds complexity to the curry and meat. Biryani often accompanies other dishes but can be a meal on its own and remains popular in Kobe due to its similarities with the traditional Japanese mixed steamed rice, Takikomi Gohan.

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