Indian food delivery in Hiroshima

Discover our selection of Indian restaurants in Hiroshima available for delivery

Spice fiends can rejoice because now you can get yummy Indian food delivery in Hiroshima. If you’ve tried any amount of Japanese curry and liked it, then you should definitely give the Indian-style curry a try as well! There are practically endless options to choose from for Indian food in Hiroshima and each restaurant has its own dynamic taste with the variety of spices that they use. Try out Mutton Curry, which is a classic, highly aromatic curry dish with mutton. Also try the Saag Curry too, which features a green spinach curry over your choice of pork or chicken. Hiroshima also has the Chicken Dopiaza curry, which has a delightful taste thanks to the sweet onions and perfectly stewed chicken.

Appetizers for Indian Food Delivery in Hiroshima

Indian food has several different delectable appetizers that you can enjoy alongside your meal in Hiroshima. One popular appetizer is a Samosa, which consists of fried dough that is traditionally filled with vegetables like peas, carrots, and potatoes, as well as several Indian spices. Vegetable Pakoras are another dish that works great as either a side dish or an appetizer. This deliciously unique meal is deep-fried to a crispy golden-brown before being served with a light, creamy cilantro sauce. Try these and many other appetizers by ordering Indian food delivery today!

Vegetarian Indian Delights

If you want to eat some wonderful spicy Indian food delights, you aren’t limited to just eating food with meat in it. There are many spicy dishes in Indian cuisine that do not include any meat. Spicy Chana Chaat is a great place to start, featuring a delightful marriage of spicy onions and boiled chickpeas. It also has a series of vegetables with a pleasantly sweet and crunchy taste. Raita is another vegetarian food within Indian cuisine. It’s often served as a side and features whisked plain yogurt with cucumber, mint, and cilantro. It can also be flavored in a variety of other ways, being enjoyable both sweet and spicy. Craving some dessert with your next meal? Check out the dessert or cake options in Hiroshima too!

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