Indian food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Indian restaurants in Fukuoka now

You can't go wrong with Indian food delivery in Fukuoka. The diverse flavor profile of Indian food mirrors the vibrant food landscape of Fukuoka. And with vegan and registered halal options, there's something for everyone. If you're lost trying to decide on Indian food in Fukuoka, check out the delicious recommendations below.

Spicy Indian Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Most Indian food in Japan offers spicier curry than the Japanese counterpart, yet not as spicy as the curry in India. However, one meal that caters to spicy food-lovers more in Japan than it does in India is Keema Curry. Keema comes from a similar Turkish minced meat dish. The curry version in Fukuoka uses whole spices, added individually to build a flavor base. Ground pork or mutton cooks in the spice base before the chef adds the garam masala powder. This spice mixture features a larger ratio of chili pepper, turning the meat spicy red. To cut the spice level, pair Keema Curry with Aloo Bharta, a seasoned Indian mashed potato side.

All About the Dal

Indian food notoriously offers a large selection of vegetarian-friendly dishes. Spinach and chickpea curries are the most common options. But, in southern Indian cuisine, the key ingredient is dal. Dal refers to any lentil, pea, or bean that doesn't need to soak before cooking. A great dish to see the tasty possibilities of dal is Sambar. The vegetable stew uses a pigeon pea base seasoned with mustard seed and curry leaves. Okra, carrot, potato, and pumpkin boil with mixed spices. Tamarind pulp adds distinct sweet and sour notes to bring out the depth of the chilis. Served with Dosa, Sambar makes a filling and nutritious vegan-friendly meal.

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