Healthy food delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the healthiest dishes in Sapporo

After eating so much ramen, it may be time to consider ordering healthy food delivery in Sapporo. Overall, Japanese food tends to be very nutritious and well-balanced. But the fat and salt that makes ramen so delicious shouldn't compose an entire Hokkaido vacation diet. Sapporo's many restaurants offer tons of healthy food including vegetarian and vegan options. Most importantly, healthy food in Sapporo doesn't compromise on taste. Whether it's Japanese or international cuisine, Hokkaido's fresh fish, meat, and veggies deliver nutrients and flavor.

Healthy Food Delivery in Sapporo: Savory Soba

While ramen may reign supreme in Sapporo, soba is the plucky underdog. In general, soba is a noodle dish made with buckwheat flour served with a dipping sauce. Buckwheat contains more vitamins and fiber than wheat or rice flour. There are different types of soba noodles that contain different ratios of wheat and buckwheat flour. For more buckwheat, be sure to choose the dark soba. Some soba dishes come with fried food, combating the healthy aspect of the noodles. Sapporo restaurants offer a fresher soba option served with chicken broth, mushrooms, and fresh veggies.

Nutrient-Packed Ingredients

When considering healthy food, the base ingredients are crucial. It's no secret that Hokkaido is the richest farmland in Japan. Its size alone provides more arable land than any other prefecture. Combined with the abundance of wildlife, Hokkaido becomes an endless source of good food. Vegetables like pumpkin, eggplant, asparagus, and lotus root make the famous soup curry as nutritious as it is filling. The variety of fish in nearby seas makes Sapporo a must-go for fresh seafood. Raw or grilled, fish contains much needed omega-3 fats, high levels of protein, and very little fat. However, the unsung hero of the sea is seaweed. The local kombu is packed with fiber, vitamins, and iron, all within a delicious umami-flavored package.

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