Healthy food delivery in Kobe

Enjoy the best healthy dishes in Kobe

Take the time to treat yourself to healthy food delivery in Kobe. Kobe's colorful culture celebrates a healthy lifestyle. With a rich thousand year history, the Arima Onsen provides muscle pain relief to bathers. Healthy food in Kobe offers similar relief with traditional Japanese restaurants and organic, raw food cafes. Below are suggestions of creative healthy dishes that transform nutritious ingredients into a unique treat.

Nutritious Natto

Natto is a divisive food. Some people love it, some people prefer to avoid it. But, many people eat it for the enormous health benefits. Nutritionists praise natto for its abundance of vitamin B, iron, and helpful probiotics. The fermented soybean dish may put off diners with its distinct pungent aroma, but its pleasantly nutty flavor may surprise them. Natto may enjoy more popularity in Kanto, but chefs in Kobe came up with a Kansai-friendly version of the superfood: natto curry. The aromatic curry spice becomes the central flavor, highlighted by notes of the natto's nuttiness. Stir-fried together with seasonal vegetables, the natto retains its nutritional value in a unique, richly seasoned dish.

Fresh Salads and Healthy Food Delivery in Kobe

For many, no food makes a healthier meal than salad. Most salads in Japan use seaweed or boiled seafood, making for delicious, nutritious side dishes. Leafy salad as a main course, like in many western cuisines, rarely appears in Japan. Thankfully for vegetarians, Kobe's specialty cafes serve salads with greens, tofu, and regional vegetables. Some restaurants incorporated salad with a traditional Japanese-style set lunch. Salad Meshi features a mixed rice and leafy salad base, topped with corn and tomato. Sides include low-calorie proteins, like grilled chicken and simmered beef. Try the teriyaki chicken option for a sweet and spicy kick.

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